Step into the world of BOHOBO, a London-based design studio redefining the narrative of homeware and fashion. Founded by Bogna Koszczyc, BOHOBO is a celebration of style with a purpose—where every piece is a testament to artistry and sustainability.

At BOHOBO, we don't just create products; we craft stories for your home. Inspired by the natural world, our 3D printed, sustainably-made collectibles transcend seasonality and trends. We believe in lasting and treasuring, and that philosophy echoes through every piece in our collection.

Our stylistic aim is simple yet profound: to achieve a balance between minimalist, timeless design and high-quality, bio-sourced materials. Your home, for us, is a canvas where we blend functionality with beauty, creating pieces that resonate with both your space and your values.

Welcome to BOHOBO—where every creation is a harmony of thoughtful design, sustainable practices, and a touch of London's vibrant spirit.


BOHOBO is more than design; it's a force for change.

Our goal is clear: inspire sustainable living through our products and practices.

 By creating 3D-printed designs, we aim to highlight the potential of technology in creating products that are not just visually striking but also aligned with a sustainable lifestyle. Our 3D-printed products are a testament to this vision, showcasing that innovation can be kind to our planet. Each piece embodies our dedication to crafting functional art with a minimal environmental footprint. We design, prototype, and create each product focusing on minimising waste and maximising quality. Through our work, we aim to inspire others to make conscious choices and collectively create a brighter, more sustainable world.

  • Evolution of Innovation

    BOHOBO thrives on constant evolution. We are pioneers, not confined by a single technology. While 3D printing has been our launching pad, our trajectory is set to explore and integrate diverse sustainable materials, marking the evolution of our innovation. This journey ensures that we are always at the forefront of eco-friendly design practices.

  • The Rooted Sustainability Ethos

    Sustainability is ingrained in our DNA. It's not just about where we are today; it's about our commitment to continually seek and embrace materials and practices that contribute positively to the environment. Our ethos extends beyond products; it's a mindset that influences every decision we make.

  • Craftsmanship Knows No Boundaries

    Each BOHOBO creation, whether 3D printed or crafted from sustainable materials, is a testament to our unwavering dedication to precision and detail. Our team meticulously designs, prototypes, and handcrafts every item, ensuring quality remains paramount in every aspect. Craftsmanship, for us, is a commitment to excellence that goes hand in hand with sustainability.

  • Unifying Aesthetics and Functionality

    We go beyond mere aesthetics. Our designs, whether fashioned from sustainable materials or 3D printed, unite style with functionality, enhancing daily life both at home and in personal expression. The balance between form and function is key to creating timeless and sustainable pieces.

  • Diverse Palette of Sustainable Materials

    While 3D printing with eco-friendly materials is a cornerstone, the future sees us expanding our practices. We're committed to discovering and incorporating an array of sustainable materials, ensuring our creations leave a minimal footprint on the planet. Our palette is diverse, but our commitment to sustainability is unwavering.

  • Inspiring a Greener Lifestyle

    BOHOBO isn't just about products; it's a catalyst for inspiring sustainable living. Our aim is to show that conscious choices can be synonymous with luxury and elegance, irrespective of the materials we employ. Living sustainably is not just a choice; it's a lifestyle we aspire to inspire.

  • Education for a Sustainable Tomorrow

    Beyond designing, we aspire to educate. BOHOBO sees itself as a platform for disseminating knowledge about sustainable living and design. Through our creations, we aim to inspire a conscious mindset, fostering a community that understands and appreciates the significance of sustainable choices. Education is the cornerstone of change.

  • Every Choice Considers the Wellbeing of the Planet

    Our practice is a meticulous dance with sustainability. Every material, process, packaging, and choice is made with the planet's well-being in mind. It's not just a consideration; it's a commitment to responsible practices that echo through every aspect of our work.

  • A Community of Visionaries

    Join our community of like-minded visionaries who understand that sustainability is a journey, not a destination. Together, we're reshaping the landscape of design by embracing diverse materials and practices. Visionaries not only see the future; they actively shape it.


At BOHOBO, we embrace the avant-garde realm of 3D printing, where creativity meets technology in a dance of innovation. The process begins with a digital dream—an intricate design meticulously brought to life layer by layer.

3D printing — a process that fuses artistic vision with cutting-edge technology. Here's a glimpse into the technical marvel that brings our creations to life:

1. Digital Crafting:

The journey begins with our designers translating artistic visions into digital reality. Every curve, every detail is meticulously articulated in a 3D model, setting the stage for the tangible manifestation of creativity.

2. Layer-by-Layer Precision:

Our cutting-edge 3D printers operate on a principle of layer-by-layer precision. Imagine a masterpiece emerging from a digital canvas, where the printer deposits thin layers of bio-sourced PLA filament with unparalleled accuracy.

3. Heated Transformation:

The PLA filament, sourced from sustainable materials like oyster shells and wheat, undergoes a metamorphosis. Heated to precision, it becomes a malleable substance that our 3D printer carefully deposits, layer upon layer, forming the foundation of our designs.

4. The Eco-Conscious Filament:

Sustainability is at the core of our process. The PLA filament, a 100% bio-sourced polymer, ensures that our creations are not just aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally responsible, free from chemical dyes or additives.

5. Minimized Environmental Impact:

Unlike traditional manufacturing, our 3D printing process at BOHOBO generates minimal waste. Each piece is crafted with precision, reducing environmental impact and embracing a more sustainable approach to design.

6. Craftsmanship Oversight:

Every stage of this intricate process undergoes meticulous oversight. From the digital inception to the final print, our team ensures that each BOHOBO piece not only meets but exceeds our standards of quality, craftsmanship, and sustainability.

This is the heart of 3D printing at BOHOBO—a harmonious blend of art and technology, where innovation is not just a concept but a tangible reality. Welcome to a world where every layer tells a story of creativity, precision, and a commitment to a more sustainable future.


Our designs are meticulously crafted from sustainable materials, such as PLA filaments. PLA is a 100% biobased, non-toxic polymer derived from corn starch, sugar cane or beets. The filaments we're using are being supplied by trusted companies and mixed with mussel shells, oysters, scallops, and wheat offcuts. They are naturally coloured by the recycling of waste (recovered in short circuits) after their first life cycles in different sectors (agriculture, catering, etc.).

While 3D printing has been our launching pad, our trajectory is set to explore and integrate diverse sustainable materials, marking the evolution of our innovation. This journey ensures that we are always at the forefront of eco-friendly design practices.